Custom Inspection Types

Inspections that fit any scenario. Our software provides you with tools to create custom inspections and templates that can be re-used any time you need to generate an inspection.

Web & Mobile Ready

Inspections fully support mobile devices, meaning your workforce can leverage the full power of our software from any web-enabled device.

Reporting Capabilities

Review the status of inspections, see historical data, and evaluate current conditions of inspections work all from the portal of your inspections software.

Paperless Forms

Paperwork is a hassle, but with CHAMPS Inspections you can eliminate paper forms forever. That means now clipboards to carry around, no sheets of paper to lose or damage, and most importantly less time documenting inspections work.

Barcode Scanning

Never worry about searching for documentation again. Support for barcodes allows you to instantly access all information about an asset.

Simplified Work Orders

Work orders are the lifeblood of maintenance, but they don’t have to be complex. Simplified work orders let your team spend less time managing them and more time executing them.

Integrated Checklists

Keep inspection activities on track with integrated checklists. CHAMPS Inspections allows you to define checklists for any scenario to ensure that every inspection is performed to the highest standards.

Equipment Management

Manage all your equipment easily from one location with CHAMPS Inspections. Track information like location, associated costs, departments, and more all from a single location.

Change Your Inspection Process Today

CHAMPS Cloud is available for all platforms for just $50/month.

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