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Amusement parks are large sprawling campuses with rides located across acres of land. Executing inspections in this environment requires mobility, unmatched communication, and ways to coordinate between team members to ensure timely inspections. CHAMPS Cloud for Inspections lets your inspection teams perform and update inspections, review contextual documents like manuals, identify corrective work, and relay status updates to you in real-time without having to leave the field.

Real-time Analytics

Mobile inspections mean faster, more accurate feedback. Real-time feedback on the progress and status of inspections lets you monitor your park in ways that were previously impossible. Assign corrective action work as soon as it is identified.

Improve Safety Standards

Improved inspection tools let your workers spend less time fighting with forms and more time focusing on performing a thorough inspection. More emphasis on looking for problems means that there is less chance for wear or damages to be overlooked, improving your overall safety standards.

Reduce Paperwork

Eliminate paper forms from your inspections process by leveraging mobile technology. CHAMPS Cloud for Inspections lets your staff perform inspections on rides using mobile phones and tablets to update checklists and document work. Less paperwork means more time dedicated to other inspection work.

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