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Facility management requires tools that allow your workforce to perform inspections across multiple floors or buildings without sacrificing accuracy or mobility. CHAMPS Cloud provides your workforce with tools to report on facility conditions and perform inspections across sprawling campuses while still maintaining the highest level of collaboration and communication between your staff.

Improve Productivity

Facility inspections can be a logistical nightmare. CHAMPS Cloud for Inspections streamlines the inspection process, allowing your workforce to perform inspections in record time. Whether you’re managing a sports complex or a college campus, coordinating inspections and improving productivity have never been easier.

Reduce Paperwork

Eliminate paper forms from your inspection process by leveraging mobile technology. CHAMPS Cloud for Inspections lets your business utilize mobile phones and tablets to perform inspection checklists and document work. Less paperwork translates into more time spent performing inspection work.

Real-Time Feedback

Having the right information makes or breaks how effectively your business can operate. The reporting tools in CHAMPS Cloud for Inspections provide you with ways to see both historical and real-time data from your inspections efforts.

Change Your Inspection Process Today

CHAMPS Cloud is available for all platforms for just $50/month.

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