Paper & Textiles

Manufacturing facilities rely on maximizing the uptime of machinery. Accomplishing this requires tools that provide mobility and a streamlined workflow, especially when it comes to inspections. CHAMPS Cloud for Inspections enables your workforce to perform more thorough inspections in less time, generate work orders on the fly, and relay factory floor conditions to you in real-time.

Improve Safety Standards

Aggregated documentation promotes a better understand of safety requirements among your workers, leading to fewer accidents or injuries, providing your staff with peace of mind when performing inspections on machinery and other equipment.

Ensure Compliance

Regulatory compliance can be a headache, but with CHAMPS Cloud for Inspections your business can schedule inspections and record valuable historical information to ensure that your business is in the clear when it comes to complying with all applicable regulations.

Better Reporting

Having the right information makes or breaks how effectively your business can operate. The reporting tools in CHAMPS Cloud for Inspections provide you with ways to see both historical and real-time data from your inspections efforts.

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CHAMPS Cloud is available for all platforms for just $50/month.

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