Utility providers face unique challenges. Hazardous materials, strict regulations, and dangerous equipment all require robust tools that allow you to perform quality inspections in the shortest amount of time possible while maintaining high safety standards. CHAMPS Cloud for Inspections is engineered to provide your workforce with a means to complete inspections while eliminating risks.

Reduce Downtime

Downtime is a costly endeavor in the utilities industry, but it’s required to ensure assets are healthy. Using better inspection tools means that you spend less time performing inspections, which in turn means your assets experience less downtime.

Ensure Compliance

Utilities are heavily regulated, and violating the rules can be disastrous. CHAMPS Cloud for Inspections lets your business schedule inspections and record valuable historical information to ensure that you are operating within all applicable regulations.

Improve Safety Standards

Utility workers face a myriad of hazards, from equipment to the materials handled. CHAMPS Cloud for Inspections provides aggregated checklists and other safety documentation to ensure that risks are minimized, and workers are safe.

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CHAMPS Cloud is available for all platforms for just $50/month.

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